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A Modern Look at Cigarettes

Since we no longer see cigarettes in some of the traditional places of advertising, is cigarette smoking less popular? Do people buy cigarettes online less because the brands are no longer exposed on powerful race cars?

Actually, cigarette smoking is popular around the world, and seems to be particularly evident in popular media, especially major motion pictures. Cigarette smoking is often portrayed in major motion pictures as being 'hip' or cool. In days of old, svelte movie actresses were often seen smoking a cigarette with a long slender cigarette holder. There are a number of major actors in history, who are hard to recall in an image without a cigarette present.

To manufacture a cigarette, you need to cure and cut the tobacco leaves. Cigars are similar, but cigarettes are smaller and usually have a white wrapper. A cigar is normally colored by its natural tobacco wrap.

Some of the more popular cigarette brands are Belair, Benson & Hedges, Camel, Chesterfield, Doral, Kool, Lucky Strike, Marlboro, Merit, Natural American Spirit, Pall Mall, Parliament, Salem, Tareyton, Viceroy, Virginia Slims and Winston.

Smoking is popular internationally, although the legal age to smoke varies:
Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands = sixteen years
Japan = twenty years old
In most other countries, you have to be eighteen to smoke cigarettes.

The cost of taxes contribute a great deal to the cost of a pack of cigarettes. More and more, governments look to discretionary items as a source of taxation. In the case of cigarettes, sometimes tax free cigarettes can be purchased.

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